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Who are we?

EURUS GLOBAL is a group of the companies, exercising a full range of services in trading with China: We do sourcing, supply chain management, OEM/ODM, import/export, quality control  and help to arrange delivering to client’s warehouse.

Why working with us is profitable?

The only thing a client has to do is to make a contract with us as a supplier of a needed product, equipment or raw material. We undertake everything else: all legal issues with China, searching for the product or organization of its production, quality control, Visiting exhibitions in China.

Our guarantees

If there’s a problem, such as quality of a product, a product hasn’t been delivered on time, contract disagreements, it will cost us our own money. All transactions are insured.


We are eligible to export and import more than 32 groups of products, which include more than 1280 types of goods.


The company was founded


Legal persons in 3 countries


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Our offices

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Working with us, you pay for the product not more than what you would pay to Chinese suppliers. We guarantee the high quality of the product and deliver it straight to your warehouse.

We have been organizing safe and economically viable business management with China for 10 years.

China is with us. It’s simple and safe!

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We’ve been working with the world’s largest companies since 2007
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