Water park on the shore of a lake

The contract sum was: 75 000$
Year: 2014
The task
To offer different types of water slides, trampolines and water park themselves provided with the full information about a product and operation manual.
The customer
New York water-recreation complex

The result

If the customer bought the product in USA, it would cost him more than $145,000 in total. The total project budget through China was $75,000, which saved the customer $70,000.


  1. The client needed more than 48 items, so we had to place orders at 8 different factories, then hold inspections at each factory and consolidate load at our warehouse. After that, we had to make orders and ship everything in 2 containers. Some manufacturers didn’t have certificates for goods and we had to make them ourselves.

  2. One of the factories gave us a pump for a water slide as a present, but we hadn’t been informed about it. During a customs inspection in New York city, the container with the undeclared present was opened. As a result, we were fined $5000 and arrested for 5 days.

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