Algae (sea weed) – Laminaria

Year: 2011-2012
The task
To help resolve the problems with the Chinese manufacturer, sort things out with the order and refund $138,000 from the factory.
The customer
Latvian company “MOSFARM”

The problem

The Latvian client made a purchase from the Chinese manufacturer, who he had been working for more than 2 years before. In the third year, he placed an order for two 40-foot containers with laminaria in packaging valued $138,000.

The client who was in Latvia sent the product to Russia. The repackaging showed that there was an iron wire and net pieces in the container with sea weed, left there at the stage of production. We sent the letter of claim to Latvia. The Latvian company was trying to contact the supplier for 3 months and resolve the issue but, unfortunately, without success.

The solution

We collected information from the client and started contacting the factory. Speaking Chinese, we succeded in explaining to the factory how serious the problem was, and then we arranged the meeting with the Latvian client at that factory.

The result

The client came to the factory with our representative within 1 month and after 2 days of negotiation, the factory signed the refund agreement and transferred 80% of the goods value.

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