Polypropylene firewood sacks

The contract sum was: 38 000$
Year: 2013-2017
The task
To find the goods according to the requirements (we were provided with a sample) which would cost less than if he bought them in Europe. Additional requirements: UV protection for more than 1 year.
The customer

The problems

The client tried to find the companies in China himself. The first time, he started to work with the company which shipped him defective goods. After that, he worked with another supplier, but when he found out that the goods that had cost him $35,000 were 100% defective, he came to us. We discovered that he had worked with a fake chinesse trading company which pretended to be a real manufacturer (and it’s not a rare case). Meanwhile, the fake trading company itself didn’t know anything about the goods; secondary raw materials recycled for 3 or 4 times were used, what made a sack stretched while being loaded with firewood. 

The solution

We worked out more than 60 manufactureres; were present at 10 factories; studied all the equipment which were used for produsing sacks; studied the materials and the production control; in the contract, we pointed out that all sacks must have had the UV protection.

The result

The client purchased orders valued $38,000 and we saved him 8,000$. We used first time recycled materials; controlled UV protection to be added to raw materials, so the sacks would not fade in the sun.

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