Metal KFC buckets supply

Year: 2012-2017
The task
To deliver metal KFC buckets from China to Spain for 15 days
The customer
The “KFC” company’s representative

The problem

The client submitted a request from a Spain counterparty for 50,000 metal KFC souvenir buckets production for October 31 offer.

The deadline delivery time was 35 days. In 20 days, the client discovered that the counterparty was not able to supply 20,000 buckets in time.

The solution

We organized the production of 30,000 buckets for 5 days in 5 different factories at the same time. We organized air shipping from China to Barcelona for 6 days and obtained customs clearance for 3 days.

The result

The client received the goods on the 15th day (within the agreed time frame) plus a little extra charge for air shipping. The client has been working with us for more than 5 years now.

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