Supply of equipment for BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies production.

The contract sum was: 3 875 000$
Year: 2017
The task
To make a contract with BITMAIN company for 1550 ASIC Antiminers S9 wholesale supply. Air cargo of 550 Antiminers for 10 days and auto or railway shipping of 1000 Antiminers for 25 days.
The customer


We were supposed to get a large equipment supply quota for our company because the demand exceeded the supply, and we were not able to place the order through the official website.

The solution

It took 5 days for EURUS GLOBAL company specialists to get the required quota due to long-term partnerships of our staff who helped to directly contact the factory.

The result

The company concluded the direct contract with the BITMAIN factory for 1550 ASIC Antiminers S9 supply, which allowed us to fully execute the order for our client.

For October 2017 the EURUS GLOBAL company had already had a quota for 5000 Antiminers S9 supply from the BITMAIN factory and delivered more than 4200 equipment to its clients.

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