High-tech microchips, PCB boards, and integrated circuits supply

The contract sum was: 1 000 000$/year
Year: 2013- 2017
The task
To find agents and dealers who supply certain microchips. The guarantee period must have been not less than 1 year. In case any faulty was detected, either the money or the item must have been returned.
The customer

The problem

The client was not always able to find the required item and couldn’t be guaranteed to have a supplier.

The solution

In this field, we work with 5 countries: China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and the USA. With the support of our partners in Hong Kong, we make cargo consolidation at their warehouses and then we send everything to the client in one single package.

The result

We took on the project in 2013 and started with $10,000 to 40,000. For 4 years we have found more than 30 suppliers from all over the world and fixed the express shipping to our warehouse in Hong Kong. The client always receives the goods only from one supplier which is EURUS GLOBAL.

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