Portable Electronic Devices (PED) and the accessories for smartphones supply

The contract sum was: 465 000$
Year: 2012
The task
To create tablets, smartphones, power banks and accessories series line up for the distributor in Armenia. Furthermore, to implement the necessary applications into the Android operating system; to make a special packaging with an unusual design. The production deadline is from 35 to 55 days.
The customer

The solution

Our company worked out more than 145 electronic devices manufacturers; attended  8 electronic devices exhibitions in Hong Kong and Shenzhen (China); found 5 manufacturers who specialized in production of such devices; agreed with the factory to provide us with a staff member who would live in the workplace and control the whole production process every day.

A tablet PC has 18 components; if one is installed incorrectly, the tablet might stop working at any time.

Our company also developed packaging and product durability requirements to guarantee its quality because the product had a 1-year warranty.

The result

The client received the order in time and kept using the products until the 2014-year crisis. For 2015 the tablet PC with the specially developped educational program for Armenia children from 3 to 8 years old was made for the client. We signed the exclusive dealing agreement on Armenia.

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47329167 - Portable Electronic Devices (PED) and the accessories for smartphones supply