Pinion wire

The contract sum was: 132 000$
Year: 2017
The task
To find and produce 40 tons of pinion wire for further filter element production.
The customer
Anonymous. Production of components for the oil industry.

The solution

The client had been buying the pinion wire in France before; he requested the same volume with chemical specifications, sizes, and requirements. Out of 120 manufacturers, we chose 3, who agreed to collaborate with us. We placed the order for samples. We chose the best manufacturer and sent the samples to the client. The client confirmed the samples, and after that, we placed the order.


When the order was shipped to Russia, the client found out that the quality of the product became worse, and he sent us a letter of complaint.

We took the supplier of the pinion wire and headed to the factory, where we were allowed to shoot a video of filter element production. The filter element sample was brought to the client in Latvia. The difference between the samples was dramatic, though both of the samples were made of same pinion wire.

After a range of procedures, we found out that there was less carbon in the Chinese steel chemical composition than in French one, the one that the Latvia factory used to use in the first place. It was necessary to adjust the equipment which produced the filter element. It meant to make current supply lower than usual.

The result

We, Chinese pinion wire manufacturers and their engineers tried our best to solve the client’s problem. The client remained satisfied and ordered the similar product again. It saved him more than $50,000.

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