Iron figures as decoration for house and garden

The contract sum was: 350 000 - 1 030 000$
Year: 2017
The task
To find the product which could be sold in the biggest hypermarkets in the USA. To find the appropriate factory where all these stages of product manufacture could be performed, such as mold pressing, automated priming, waterproof and sun-proof (for 9 months in the range of temperatures between 5 ºC and 42 ºC) paint painting. Iron mustn’t start going rusty for 1 year.
The customer
Essay Group LLC


We had never worked with such product before. The first order was placed at the end of March, and 5 containers had to be shipped in June; meanwhile, it might take at least 1 month to produce one press mold, which means that we had only 35 days for 20 000 figures to be produced, packed and shipped.

The problems

During the production process, after the iron press molds had already been produced and we started to prime the goods, government authorities turned up and sealed the factory for 30 days until the end of the Summit. The reason for closing most factories was the environmental pollution (chemical emissions into the air). That was over for the order! The client had been informed, and he decided to reorder next year.

The solution

We found 3 other manufactures in different cities and agreed to finish the production with them but using the labor force of the factory, which got the order in the first place.  We had to transfer all the goods and priming by cars 190 times from that factory to the other three. THE EURUS GLOBAL company found the solution and shipped the product in time until June 15th in 2017. The supplier took care of all the additional expenses.

The result

The client received the product in time, and he increased his order in 4 times up to $1,020,000 next year.

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