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Product Quality Control

We control all stages of production and products delivery

Additional guarantee
We give additional product warranty period because we are sure about the quality of our work
Regular inspections
We conduct regular inspections at factories to make sure that the products comply with the technical requirements
Save money and time
We take full responsibility of production control and goods loading, so you don’t waste your money and time on doing it yourself
We are trusted!
International restaurant chain
The Football World Cup merch production
Russian oil company
Merch manufacturing and delivering
American Transnational Corporation
Promotional action merch manufacturing organization. Bicycles manufacturing under the PEPSI brand.

What do we control?

Product’s quality control
None of products is to be exported from China without our inspection at the factory after the production process is finished

350$ (transportation costs included)

  • Conduct visual inspection of a product;
  • Check product quantity, technical specification, packaging etc. specified in the contract;
  • Do drop-test to check package durability for safe transportation of the product;
  • Check the quality of a product according to individual requirements of a customer.
Goods shipment control

$300 (transportation costs included)

We control the process of putting the goods into a container

We check:

  • Goods weight and volume,
  • Package quality,
  • The process of loading and so on.

After the inspection has been finished, we send photo and video reports to the client.

Why we are trusted

  • You don’t have to come to China! After the production process has been finished, we send the samples to the client for conformation using express shipping
  • Control all the stages
  • The product is not exported until it has been profoundly checked
  • We check accompanying documents to guarantee to go through customs without delay
Worry about the quality of a product?
We will profoundly check all parameters of your product at all stages

The company in figures

The company was founded
Legal persons in 7 countries
Sold goods worth more than $60 000 000
More than 600 inspections for quality control

Our offices

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Difficulties while working with China

Experience has shown that even if you have paid for your order, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have problems with the quality of a product, especially if it is not us who have found you the manufacturer.

It’s impossible to control the production process and products loading being in Russia. Chinese manufacturers are tempted to replace the raw material with a cheaper one, to make the production process easier and not to follow it, cut corners on the quality of the packaging.

If the loading stage is not controlled, it will cause damage to the products and differences in the documentation, which will result in problems and delays at customs, maybe even seizure. All your attempts to claim damages will not be successful because the Chinese law will be on the Chinese manufacturer side. Read the case.

If you think that loading inspection and inspection at factories is just a waste of time, try to imagine how much you risk to lose if you do not have one. Saving only $200 will turn out to be a loss of millions of dollars and a damaged reputation.

So, if you don’t want to have unnecessary problems, ask us for help! We will be in charge of the quality of the reinspected product according to Russian Federation laws, which is completely safe.

Do you still have any questions?