Logistics and Customs

Delivery and customs clearance of your cargo from China just in time

We have our own logistics organizational structure and our own warehouses in 4 different countries
We have our own logistic structure, no middlemen involved. We have our own warehouses in Moscow (Russia); Almaty, Astana, Oral, Horgos (Kazakhstan); Riga (Latvia), which is more than 7,000 m² of the total area.
We have our own broker license
Our own broker license at Kazakhstan customs
Multimodal transportation
We combine different types of transportation while shipping your cargo what makes prices lower and shipping faster
We are trusted!
Russian brand high end beer
Merch delivery (2015)
Federal mobile network operator
Merch delivery (2013 – 2016)
Retain network
Decorative metal articles supply (2016 – 2017)
The Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
Merch supply, construction equipment supply, street light
The largest steelmaking production
Raw materials supply for steel industry
The largest trading company
Metalware and hardware supply

Different types of shipping and customs clearance

Consolidated goods
For small shipments

from 5 days

from $2 per 1 kg

from 100 kg

Perfect for small (sample) goods where it’s not very important how fast it will be deliverd, and you are ready to wait for a container to be filled in.

Container shipping
The cheapest way of shipping

from 30 days

from 4500$

to 27 tons / 76 m³

  • cheap shipping for a large quantity of goods; 
  • perfect for all cargo types;
  • cargo’s safety guarantee (containers are sealed)
Air shipping
The fastest way of shipping

from 3 days

from $9 per 1 kg

This way of shipping is perfect for those who need fast delivery.  It can be sample goods, important elements and so on.

Customs clearance
For all types of shipping

Included in the delivery cost

  • tax reduced to 30%
  • correct code selection NGFT (Nomenclature of Goods subject to Foreign Trade);
  • valid properly executed documents; 
  • guarantee to go through customs with no problems.

5 benefits of working with EURUS GLOBAL

  • Our own warehouses in Moscow (Russia); Almaty, Astana, Oral, Horgos (Kazakhstan); Riga (Latvia), which is more than 7,000 m² of the total area;
  • Our own logistic structure, no middlemen involved;
  • Our own broker license at Kazakhstan customs;
  • Fast going through customs guaranteed because of the correctly executed documentation in advance;
  • Multimodal transportation;
  • We create complicated multimodal routes using different types of transportation what makes shipping cheaper and faster.
You want the cargo to be delivered?
We calculate the shipping times and prices of your cargo
  • To any Russian city in time
  • The price is indicated in the contract
  • Cargo is insured

The company in figures

The company was founded
Legal persons in 7 countries
Sold goods worth more than $60 000 000
Delivered more than 800 kinds of goods from China

Our offices

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Have your cargo shipped from China on your own. Is it difficult?

Everyone who has tried to organize shipping from China him or herself is familiar with the difficulties he or she might face with transportation, customs clearance within both countries rules.

Figure out how to organize the best shipping route, what type of shipping to choose based on the region, how to agree on lower shipping prices and how to store cargos in the places of their consolidation. All these questions are just the smallest part of what you have to deal with while organizing logistics.

Apart from logistics, you might face some problems at customs. For a non-specialist, it’s very hard to foresee quite routine situations, such as wrong volume or weight, the content of the containers is not the one that specified in the documentation, absence of a certificates and consignment notes and so on. It’s almost impossible to calculate tariffs correctly from the very first time and pay customs duty. Fixing mistakes, paperwork and other problems can hold your goods at the border for a long time. Thank god, if it is not going to be food or any perishable cargo. Anyway, you will have to keep your goods somewhere which will cost you extra time and money.

If you don’t want to lose your time, money and goods, we suggest you ask for our professional help. We have refined logistics and our own infrastructure, we have offices and warehouses in China and transit countries. What is more, we can make best delivery routes and make properly executed documents of all types which allows us to ship your goods from China to your country at a low cost just in time.

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