Manufacturing Process Management in China

Open the company in China. Make your business more profitable

Reliable manufacturers
There are more than 10,000 approved, reliable manufactures in our database ready to produce the required product.
Low cost production
We will find the manufacturer who not only meets all your requirements but also produces the goods at minimal costs without compromising quality.
Quality control
We are ready to carry out complete quality control of the product being produced at all stages of production.
We are trusted!
International restaurant chain
The Football World Cup merch production
Essay Group
One of biggest supplier of Firewood in USA
American Transnational Corporation
Promotional action merch manufacturing organization. Bicycles manufacturing under the PEPSI brand.
The Home Depot
The Home Depot is an American retail chain that is the largest in the world selling repair tools and building materials.
Kroonipuu OÜ
Kroonipuu OÜ is manufacture of firewood.
The largest trading company
Metalware and hardware supply

Stages of production organization

Searching and checking of the suppliers
Out of more than 10,000 manufactures, we choose 5-10 best ones for you

Out of 10,000 approved factories in China, we choose those which can produce the required product in the right quantities of customer’s terms of reference (TOR) in the required time.

In the end, we have 5-10 manufactures remaining which meet the requirements most of all. We check their legal compliance, economic status, and production quality.

Placing of the order
We and the Chinese manufacturer agree on the supplier’s price. So you get the product without mark up and you interact in your native language.

We calculate the cost of production organization, service prime cost, ways of shipping and customs clearance; choose the factory, conduct negotiations requiring factory tour; sign the contract.

Quality control
We are completely financially responsible for the quality of the product

As soon as the production process is over, we offer express shipping of the samples to the client or carry out an inspection of produced goods quality under the terms of the agreement: product quantity, technical specification, and packaging. We also offer photo and video reports. 

Logistics and Customs
We helps our customer find best shipping company to arrange a successful delivery

We check whether a shipped product conforms its weight and size, package durability and integrity; check if there are any seals on certain types of packages and containers. then arrange delivery of goods according terms of deal.

7 major reasons to entrust the organization of the production to us

  • Fixed price indicated in the contract
  • Financial responsibility for the quality of a product
  • Express shipping at minimal costs using partners warehouses in such cities in whole world.
  • We take care of the whole process, from searching for a manufacturer to delivering the package to your warehouse
  • Native language communication
  • Offices in China, which guarantees reliable protection of your deal at the State level
  • Manufacturing of a product at your request just in time
Calculate the cost?
We will help you organize profitable manufacture of products under your brand

The company in figures

Organized production
10 000
Аudited companies in the database
The company was founded
Legal persons in 3 countries

Our offices

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Orders placement peculiarities

China is the country with its own cultural and economic peculiarities. Knowing all the niceties of the way the Chinese organize their business helps us resolve problems of different levels of difficulty. Moreover, knowing and taking into account the Chinese mentality helps us resolve conflict situations.

Placing orders for goods production at Chinese manufactures is a rational step for those who aim to win a competition in today’s global markets. When transfering the order to the Chinese manufacturers, there is a real opportunity to reduce time and material costs on production organization and launch. The crucial strategic factors are the following:

  • Cheap labor;
  • Stable tax system;
  • Reasonable prices for Energy resources and raw material;
  • Well-thought out logistics allowing to deliver ingredients and finished products from any part of the world;

Even including the delivery cost, the final price of the product remains competitive, and business remains profitable.

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