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In China we will find a product which meet all your requirements

Approved, reliable suppliers
We look for a product both among our suppliers (more than 10,000 approved manufactures) and new manufactures but testing their reliability profoundly.
Secured deals
If there’s a problem, such as bad quality of a product, a product hasn’t been delivered on time, or anything else specified in the contract, it will cost us our own money. We have leverage over Chinese manufacturers.
Low-cost of goods
We work with manufacturers directly which excludes intermediate markups, guarantees compliance with the requirements of goods and production deadlines.
We are trusted!
Kroopniu OU
The biggest manufacturing of firewoods in Estonia.
Olympic Festival 2015
Supply of the Equipment for the Olympic swimming pool
Retain network
Decorative metal articles supply (2016 – 2017)
Retain network
Halloween and Christmas goods supply
Retain network
Homes and gardens goods supply
Retain network
Home decoration products supply (2016 – 2017)

Stages of goods searching

First stage.
Formal inspection
  • Request for Manufacturer’s articles of Incorporation
  • Articles of Incorporation checking
  • Request for clarification of the manufacturer’s true status from Chinese tax authorities.
Second stage.
Internet checking
  • Specialized resources
  • Checking state websites, in the the PRC (People’s Republic of China) Commerce Department database.
  • Reviews tracking,Internet swindlers (scummers) database cheching.
Third stage.
Factory’s personal audit
  • Checks of equipment, the number of staff, and inventory in stock.
  • Negotiations with rank-and-file employees on-site.
  • Production process
  • Sampling Inspection.
Forth stage.
Details and requisites checking
  • Conformation of company’s details and requisites
  • Confirmation of banking details
  • Conformation of contact details

5 reasons for you to trust us


  • Visit each factory before placing the order; 
  • Do checks only through Chinese tax authorities. Exclude all unreliable and untrustworthy suppliers; 
  • Use our own approved suppliers database (more than 10,000 manufactures in the list); 
  • Our inspectors make photo and video reports at each manufacture inspection; 
  • Advanced knowledge of the Chinese language and the Chinese people mentality allows us to find suppliers who work in the chinese domestic market only. As a result, we have best prices. 

We are ready not only to find the required product but also control the production process and shipping, organize express shipping to your warehouse, exclude problems with customs. You get all of these with financial guarantees, fixed prices indicated in the contract, and communication in your native language!

You need goods or raw material?
We’ll find whatever you’re looking for in China under very profitable conditions.
  • Our own database with more than 10,000 approved manufactures
  • Work even with local manufactures
  • insured deals

The company in figures

The company was founded
Legal persons in 3 countries
10 000
Аudited companies in the database
Sold goods worth more than $60 000 000

Our offices

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Problems we might face working with China

To start working with the Chinese suppliers successfully, sometimes we have to overcome a number of problems. It’s even more difficult for those who tries to work on their own.

Reliable manufactures

It’s a very frequent situation when communicating with the manufacturer directly, it seems that the manufacture is big and successful. But checking shows that the factory doesn’t even exist and the provided photo proofs appear to be not their own. However, even if the factory does exist and operates, it doesn’t guarantee its financial viability. We, for our part, have our own database with more than 10,000 approved manufactures and carry out a face-to-face audit of the factories. Even in case of force majeure, we compensate your losses, which is indicated in the contract.

Difficulties with the language and legislation

To find a reliable manufacture is one story. A whole different story is to make a correctly executed contract and be a resident of China. For instance, in the course of cooperation, you might have some arguments and debatable points. If you are not a resident of China, the court in China will rule in manufacturer’s favor.

EURUS GLOBAL  was founded in 2010 as a consulting company in China. Here we have office and staff who speak fluent Chinese. All of this allows us to have extra leverage in difficult situations.

From product searching to delivery to your warehouse

Working on turnkey basis is what our company specializes in. We will find the best supplier who meets all your requirements; control the production process, product quality, packaging and shipping; draw up accompanying documents correctly, so your package wouldn’t be seized by customs; find the best routes to deliver your package to your warehouse using our own network of warehouses and our experience in logistics. Every stage is insured, and we are completely financially responsible.

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